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About Landers Photography

Jim and Robin Landers are experts in portraiture. We believe that fine portraiture is the combined result of you and your photographer working together in a relaxed atmosphere. We work to assure that all of your needs are not only met, but exceeded. Great looking photographs are no accident, they require careful planning by you and your photographer. We are confident that you will be pleased with the professional service and quality Landers Photography has to offer.

About Jim and Robin

We have been working together photographing weddings since we were married in July of 1994. Both of us started photographing weddings independently years before we met. Combined we have over 15 years experience photographing weddings. Jim Landers graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Science in Photography in May of 1991 and has been making a living with photography ever since. Robin Landers has been a professional portrait photographer since 1990 and has won several awards for her work. Working together as a professional photographer team, Jim and Robin Landers create your most cherished visual memories. Consider the incredible advantage for you to have two professional photographers there for you!

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