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It's easy to be listed on localphoto. Select from the options below and give us the information requested for each option. When you have completed the form below, hit the "SEND INFO" button at the bottom of this page.

AOL users, you may have trouble with this form, if so send Email to [email protected] Let us know how you want to be listed and we will contact you shortly.

The Prices listed here are for a limited time only for our Charter Members.

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A Regular Listing: $50/yr.
Name, Specialty or motto(10 words or less), Address, Phone, & Fax

B Email Link: $70/yr.

Regular Listing plus link to your Email.

C Home Page Link: $90/yr.

Regular Listing plus link to your home page and Email.

D Portfolio Page Listing: $50/yr. + one time fee of $65

Regular Listing with a 6 image Portfolio.

E Templated Home Page: $90/yr. + $79.95 one time page development fee

Regular Listing plus Home Page - up to 250 words and three images

F Custom Designed Page:

This is a New listing.     Please Update or Upgrade my existing listing.

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Make your check payable to:       Connect International
Mail to:                                   45 N.E. Loop 410 Suite 180
                                                 San Antonio, TX 78216

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For Option E : Templated Home Page

For Option D : Portfolio Page

You can also mail your images on 3.5 inch disk to:

45 N.E. Loop 410 Suite 180
San Antonio, TX 78216

You may also mail prints (8x10 or smaller) to the above address, but add $15 per image for scanning.


Your first three scans are free if you order by November 20, 1996.

All you have to do is mention this ad!

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