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How to choose a
Wedding Photographer
and what to expect

      "The wedding photographer faces a difficult challenge working in a highly charged, emotional atmosphere. He[she] must photograph a once-in-a-lifetime event for his [her] clients and make them look their best in perfect photographs with no opportunity for retakes. A wedding photographer has to watch for details, work fast, and most of all care."
      "The real task of the wedding photographer is to portray intense emotion through pictures, while at the same time tell a story about the day of the wedding. This does not mean relying on clich�s or putting couples and their families into awkward poses. Rather, it is taking what is natural and refining it with a few simple rules of color, composition, and balance." Bride and Newlywed, 27  (1994)

      The best way a bride can choose a wedding photographer is to have a referral from a person she trusts. Especially if this referral comes from more than one source. Once you have selected your photographer, call and ask if the date you have selected for your wedding is available, get a general idea of the costs involved, and make an appointment to meet with the photographer as soon as possible. It is very important to book your photographer A.S.A.P.. You put a good deal of thought into your choice, you don't want to have to choose someone else just because the photographer you chose is already booked.

      Find out if the owner will be photographing the wedding; if not find out who will. Make sure that you meet with the person who will actually be photographing your wedding. It would feel awkward to have a photographer at your wedding that you have never met before.

      Some photographers have wedding packages and others work on an a la carte basis. You should choose whatever works best for you. Make sure that you know exactly what you will be getting. All agreements between you and your photographer should be in writing. The contract should include what your wedding photography collection includes and any other prices or fees for additional services that you have requested. This will eliminate any costly surprises.

      Every photographer has their own style. Some pose everything, others use a journalistic style with no interaction with the bride and groom. The best will use a balanced approach. The photographer should have the ability to direct the couple when they need it most-such as before the ceremony (when Brides are normally the most nervous), and after the ceremony, to move events along.

      The professional photographer is also a motivator, a psychologist and a director all at the same time. The professional photographer sometimes works with an assistant to help keep an eye open for details, such as straightening the brides gown in the formal photographs and keeping the grooms tie straight.

      Beautiful wedding photography takes planning. You and your photographer must spend a good deal of time planning. When you meet with the photographer, you should go knowing what you want and be prepared to discuss: how and when. A bride needs and deserves understanding and at times direction, not resentment and frustration from her photographer. Everything that you want should be discussed in detail with your photographer to avoid any confusion on your most important day. Inform your photographer if there will be any special surprises.

      If everything herein is followed, then feel confident knowing that you have planned your photography. You have a lot of other things to be concerned with! Enjoy it, and have that wedding that you have always dreamed of!

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